It begins with the vision of a single man, gifted herbalist Philibert Routin and his skilful selection of 35 plant species from the French Alps. And so is created Chambéry Vermouth. Maison Routin makes its first marks in the history of aroma.

The 1950’s


The sparse valleys of the Alps are transformed by the construction of hydroelectric dams and prosperity spreads. Snow, the region’s undisputed motherlode, lures workers and tourists. Routin’s name takes it place in the mythology of taste.

The 1990’s


Philibert Routin’s bold visionary spirit infuses and inspires his heirs who in turn use their scientific insight to further enhance a ceaselessly high-spirited enterprise. Here in the French Alps, they establish Lab 1883.



Maison Routin celebrates 130 years of sensory exploration – and in its syrup the light of inspiration burn as brightly as ever, its bottles reflecting purity of design.

With an excellence inspired by the natural beauty of Maison Routin’s birthplace in the French Alps, a veritable cradle of inspiration with fresh alpine air, water and indigenous flora, it’s little wonder then that 1883 syrups are recognized for their unrivaled purity.

Purity from the French Alps

Close your eyes. Lose yourself amidst the memories of childhood, and all that a single drop of syrup trickled upon the tongue might evoke. An inspiration to great chefs, wines, and perfumes, 1883 delivers a pitch-performance for the senses with an unmistakable purity that says “Made in France”.

The essence of emotion

Europe’s first sensory analysis facility, Lab 1883 is guided by Jean-Noêl Jaubert’s work on the “aromatic spectrum” first researched at France’s CNRS. No fewer than 20 “noses” and “palates” are required to classify and define the complex array of sensorial emotions. The result? 2000 references that now comprise an official aroma archive: 1883’s chorus of flavors.

The Lab

1883’s artisans create a myriad of innovative, unique offerings – distilling new sensations and eliciting memories. Naturally purity and absolute taste satisfaction are the hallmarks of a brand as diverse as it is testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.

125 notes for excellence

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